Our tap list is subject to change due to availability and will be updated regularly.

Tap List


While the list will rotate, we will always have well hopped IPA’s, lighter, low hop options, and dark beers on tap to showcase variety and satisfy everyone.

1600 – Dry-hopped American Pale Ale

5.4% ABV

Grapefruit notes with a malty, cracker finish. Light bitterness with a crisp, dry mouth feel.

Crisp, Biscuit, Citrus 

3X – Belgian Tripel 

8.6% ABV

Classic Belgian Tripel. The very expressive yeast gives off notes of coriander and pepper with a hint of orange and banana. Moderate bitterness and a dry finish. Soft, pillow-like head with a light-golden color. 

Strong, Complex, Spice

1954 – Double Dry-hopped NEIPA 

6.4% ABV

A New England style hazy IPA. Huge tropical fruit aroma and flavor with notes of mango and citrus. Silky, smooth mouth feel, light golden haze, with a white, fluffy head. 

Mango, Citrus, Smooth

1726 – Imperial Stout 

9% ABV

Imperial breakfast stout. Bold roasted coffee, dark chocolate, and dark cherries. Thick, creamy mouth feel and a rich, jet-black color. Strong alcohol balanced with big flavors and assertive bitterness. 

Heavy, Bold, Coffee

425 – Imperial Pumpkin Ale 

7.1% ABV

The quintessential fall beer. Pumpkin pie flavor and aroma with notes of vanilla and cream. Rich, brown color with a silky mouth feel and a tan/white head. Perfectly balanced not too sweet, not too bitter, with just enough pumpkin. Just like Mom makes but in beer form. *Contains lactose 

Pumpkin pie

20:22 – Double Dry-hopped NEIPA

7.1% ABV

A New England style double dry-hopped hazy IPA. Soft, silky mouth feel and a deep golden orange color. Notes of pineapple, peach, and orange blossom honey with a hint of melon. A floral finish with gentle bitterness and a soft pillow-like head.

Tropical, Orange, Soft

571 – Coconut Blonde Ale

5.9% ABV

A crisp, light bodied blonde ale fermented on fresh, toasted coconut. Malt forward, low bitterness, and tons of coconut aroma with notes of tropical fruit to round it out. Pale straw color with a tight white head.

Coconut, Tropical, Malty