Our on tap offerings are subject to change due to availability.

We make every effort to update this list regularly. Check our social media pages for the most up-to-date list of our current offerings during open hours.


Our on tap offerings will rotate, but we will always have well hopped IPA’s, lighter, low hop options, and dark beers to showcase variety and satisfy everyone.

1600 – Dry-hopped American Pale Ale

5.4% ABV

Grapefruit notes with a malty, cracker finish. Light bitterness with a crisp, dry mouth feel.

In three words or less: Crisp, Biscuit, Citrus 

148 – West Coast IPA

7.4% ABV

A crisp, clear, bitter, west coast style IPA. Assertive bitterness with bold notes of dank pine, tangerines, and a toasted cracker finish. Medium/light body with a strong malt backbone to balance the big west coast style bittering additions and enormous dry hop schedule. 

In three words or less: Hoppy, Pine 

1954 – Double Dry-hopped NEIPA 

6.4% ABV

A New England style hazy IPA. Huge tropical fruit aroma and flavor with notes of mango and citrus. Silky, smooth mouth feel, light golden haze, with a white, fluffy head. 

In three words or less: Mango, Citrus, Smooth

1726 – Imperial Stout 

9% ABV

Imperial breakfast stout. Bold roasted coffee, dark chocolate, and dark cherries. Thick, creamy mouth feel and a rich, jet-black color. Strong alcohol balanced with big flavors and assertive bitterness. 

In three words or less: Heavy, Bold, Coffee

3X – Belgian Tripel 

8.6% ABV

Classic Belgian Tripel. The very expressive yeast gives off notes of coriander and pepper with a hint of orange and banana. Moderate bitterness and a dry finish. Soft, pillow-like head with a light-golden color. 

In three words or less: Strong, Complex, Spice

135 – Chocolate Porter

5.9% ABV

Conditioned on Peruvian cacao nibs supplied by our friends at El Cacaotal, This full-bodied, smooth, and creamy porter boasts bold notes of dark chocolate and vanilla with hints of dark cherries, dried fruit, subtle roasted coffee, and cream. *Contains lactose. 

In three words or less: Dark chocolate

Arithmophobia - New England IPA

7.1% ABV

A New England Style Hazy IPA aptly named for the first of our numberless series. Smooth, soft, and delicate with enormous citrus notes of orange, lemon zest, key lime, and sweet grapefruit. Full body balanced with a smooth, gentle bitterness. 

In three words or less: Citrus, Smooth. 

1836 - Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian Tripel 

11% ABV

Conditioned in fresh, once – used Four Roses Kentucky Bourbon barrels, this golden tripel boasts smooth notes of vanilla, gently charred oak, mellow spice, banana, and hint sweet caramel. Silky smooth, full bodied, and well balanced. This sipping - beer should be enjoyed at cellar temperature. In three words or less: Silky, vanilla, oak. 

*Available in cans only*

Non- Alcoholic offerings:

Hand Crafted Root Beer

Brewed on site, this non - alcoholic offering boasts bold notes of smooth vanilla and sarsaparilla with a nice fizzy carbonation. It's a perfect pallet cleanser and a great option for the kids!